Goals and Values

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     One of our highest goals is to build lasting relationships with supporting organizations and individuals so that we may better assist our residents of Chinatown with services and programs.

     We concentrate most of our energy on combining three populations: residents, students, and service providing organizations.

     While we do not expect to solve the problems associated with homelessness, our core value is to ease some the burden by educating community members, listening to residents and their concerns, and connect individuals to services.

    Master of Social Work Interns, Collaborative Health and Human Services Undergraduate Interns, and other Community Partners facilitate multiple classes with a wide range of topics that offer new beginnings, fresh starts, and ways to reconnect.

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Services Offered


     We are here to help fill the gap between homelessness and education by offering FREE classes and programs! We also offer case management, assistance in finding housing, and connections to local and county resources.  


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